Ballooning of Liner

“I keep blowing out my liner material when trying to invert it into the host pipe from the Quik Shot™. It comes out of the gun but when it hits the host pipe entrance it balloons up and ruptures. Is the problem the liner or is it something I’m doing?”

I only have one question for you. Do you use a leader from the Quik Shot™ down to the start of the host pipe for the liner to follow and enter the pipe? The leader should be placed over the liner before attempting to invert it and should run down to the host pipe and enter it about an inch or two. This practice keeps the liner from ballooning out as it enters the host pipe. Without this restraint you will experience the problem you described.

There are some other benefits of setting up this practice, and that is to weld the leader piece on to the liner before wet out and save using liner between the Quik Shot™ and the host pipe with a process we call Select Start. We have posted a video online to show you how to do this. This will serve two purposes: you won’t have the ballooning since the only thing between the gun and the host pipe is calibration tube, and it will save the cost of lining materials.

If you elect to not use our Select Start, please embrace the practice of using this calibration tube as a guide and to restrain the liner from ballooning. You can even salvage used calibration tube for this purpose so the cost is negligible.

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