How Many Liners Can Be Completed in a Day?

“I’m looking at a job that has several liners to line on a couple of city streets from the right of way to the main. The sewer mains run down the city street and the average length of each liner would be between 35’ and 40’. How many liners can I complete daily with your equipment?”

A couple of factors you need to consider. If you are able to move down the street from one building to the next and lining from a cleanout at each right of way, that’s one thing.  But if you have to jump from street to street and open up the lateral to shoot the liner and put a cleanout at the right of way, that’s another thing.

Years ago, I performed this type of work in a residential neighborhood moving down the same street house to house. We had to install a cleanout at each property as the development was built many years earlier and cleanouts were not required back then. Our deepest excavation to intercept the sewer was shallow averaging 3’ deep and the laterals were all 4” in diameter to the main. Again, this was an older neighborhood.

We performed the work in this manner. We had a crew of 4 people. 2 crewmembers would excavate the lateral at the right of way, cut the line, and install a cleanout covering the pit with a sheet of steel as we moved down the street. Two guys, using the Quik Shot™, came behind and installed the liners as they progressed down the street. Production for the excavating crew was to open 8 pits with cleanouts per day. The lining crew would install 8 liners per day, setting up the first 4 in the morning to cure with ambient cure resin and heat cure the 4 afternoon shots with heat. The excavating crew would finish early enough to return to the first pit, reinstall the cleanout and backfill the pits. The bottom line was that the crew of 4 guys, small excavator, and lining equipment could complete 8 installations per day.

For you to calculate how much time your jobs would take would be to determine each component of the installation from digging, handling plates and excavating spoils, wetting out a liner, shooting a liner, curing it, and closing the pits.  That will give you an answer. You will need to calculate travel between sites as well as travel to the job site.

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