Up to “Code”

“I was interested in your coating process but a sales guy selling his lining system said our process wasn’t up to “code”. If it isn’t up to code, won’t I get in trouble selling it?”

First things first. There are several “codes”. Most likely he’s referring to plumbing codes, and specifically referring to a code for the CIPP lining process.  Yes, this process doesn’t comply with the standards found in that code. However, there is a standard and code approval for coatings in both the Uniform Plumbing Code as well as the International Plumbing Code.

The coating standard in the UPC is IGC-351-18a and the coating standard in the IPC is PMG 1485. Both standards are the same and we have had our process tested and approved for both

When you don’t have a product or process, several salespeople take to bad mouthing a competitive process to what they have to sell. This is usually a trait of a poor salesperson who isn’t sure of his or her product and decides to belittle his competition through scaring them to stay away. We’ve sold more product to customers who’ve heard the bad mouthing from a competitor and decided that if someone went to that extent to keep them from looking at what we had to offer, they’d check it out. If we can provide a better solution for them, and we often do, they will choose what’s best for their application.

We sell both lining and coating processes, and each has its place. Trying to apply one process that’s better suited for another may solve part of a problem but not necessarily all of the problem.

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