Lining or Coating Sales

“How do I sell lining or coating? I’m having a heck of a time trying to get people to go to the next step after I’ve cleaned the pipe. Do you have any tips that I can use to help me sell them something I know they need but can’t seem to grasp?”

Years ago, I trained a customer to perform lateral lining. He was also having the same issue as you.  He’d go in and fully clean the pipe and show a video of his completed work to the owner. They’d look at the expertly cleaned pipe and see no evidence of the roots my customer removed. He’d propose lining the pipe to eliminate the roots from growing back but when they saw the cleaned pipe and no evidence of any problem, the customers would decline doing anything “right now”.

I suggested a minor adjustment in his approach to his customers. By punching a hole through the roots, then videoing the roots before removing them, he could show them the extent of the root problem and make a proposal to eliminate the future return growth. This simple approach involved an additional video that paid rewards that explaining the problem couldn’t.

He would follow this up with a video of the cleaning and lining process using one of our video productions to visualize the solution and he moved from no sales to a close rate of over 50%.

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