Resin Color

“I just coated a pipe with your coating equipment and resin. I noticed that the finished product had a rose-colored tint to it. Why is that, and will it hurt anything?”

There are a couple of reasons that the resin finished with a whiteish rose color.

The first one involves the cleaning or descaling of the host pipe. If you use a high-speed cable and chain knocker to clean the pipe, scale dust is left behind. Rinsing the pipe with a jetter can wash away this fine dust left behind, however that may not always be practical. Vacuuming the dust will help but may leave some debris behind. When you coat the pipe, your brushes pick up the dust and spread it with the resin which gives you a rose-colored finish.

A second cause can be from the aging of the resin. You will notice that the resin oxidizes over time and the older the resin, the more brownish the resin gets.

While neither of these issues will cause a problem, you will see a variation of color for one or both of the reasons listed above.

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