Lateral Lining Training

“I am interested in getting into the lateral lining business, but everyone I talk to who’s in it tells me it is very difficult and that I will most likely fail. They say it’s better to let them work for me as a sub and let me go and find work, and they will complete the difficult part for me. My question is: do you train and is the process as difficult as they tell me it is?”

Lateral sewer lining is like any other skill in that you need to learn it before you do it. Giving keys to a person who has never driven could end in disaster without instruction. The same goes with lateral sewer lining.

We have developed a training program to give you all the tools necessary to get you up to speed to complete the work easily. We’ve developed a Step-by-Step guide to refer to as you complete the installations along with calculations for determining resin amounts, mixing, and “wet out” instructions to be successful. We provide the tools and materials you need to perform the work and are available 24/7 to assist you when a question arises or in planning a job you’ve never performed before.

Additionally, we provide you with the standards you use when performing the work to be compliant with sewer agencies you work within.

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