Hitting your Mark Idea

“I have both your Quik-Coating machine and your Quik-Shot™ inversion gun. I had trouble hitting a planned mark in my lining jobs so that I covered the last factory joint of the pipe before the sewer main. Sometimes there are plumber’s taps that were put into service by breaking the sewer main, stuffing the lateral through the opening, then cemented into place to hold it. Roots tend to grow into these taps as well as the last joint on the sewer factory fitting if we don’t cover them. I decided to take your coating machine and run the unit from the sewer main back up the lateral a couple of feet and find it makes hitting a mark a lot bigger zone for me to end the liner when I end the liner overlapping the coating. Just thought you may be interested in passing this along to others who have both pieces of equipment.”

What a great idea. I’ve wanted to test this in the field but never found the time to complete the process – so thank you for sharing this for my readers. I’ve always thought that would be a great application as an alternative to “Top Hat” type lateral sealing systems at a fraction of the cost. The coating process used indoors with DWV piping has proven that it seals branch lines from any tracking that is left by lining processes, and this is very similar.

We’ve tested the coating material for adhesion to clay, cast iron (steel), PVC and ABS piping – so if those materials are what you find in the current lateral, this process would be a workable solution to eliminating roots growing right at the main. The product meets the Uniform Plumbing Code as well as the International Plumbing Code standards. We don’t believe you will find any Orangeburg pipe at the tie in located right at the sewer main.  However if you do, we’d recommend lining long into the sewer main, then trim back the overshot, then apply the coating at the main – buttering the end of the liner at the main and sealing the tap.

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