Fixing an Emergency

“ I was inverting a liner and noticed a hole in the coating that was leaking out resin before I got the liner  in the pipe. I was panicking and made a quick decision to put a piece of duct tape over the hole so it would hold air pressure and allow me to invert it. For some reason it went. I got the calibration tube in and got the liner inflated and cured. Now I have a piece of duct tape showing up on the video. What should I do? Leave it there or something else? If something else, what? Thanks”.

First of all – I like your thinking under fire. You absolutely chose the right emergency fix to get the pipe in the ground. There are other methods you can also employ if this ever happens to you in the future.

Years ago, I got a liner wetted out and ready to install when I noticed that something that was stuck to the calibration roller cut the coating every revolution of the pinch rollers. I had holes from one end of the liner to the other. I didn’t want to throw away a bunch of money, so I pulled the liner inside the calibration tube and inverted the liner and calibration tube together. It worked like a champ and I got the liner in the ground and cooked out. Everything turned out perfect except the anxious minutes trying to deal with the issue.

Another option that will save the problem of trying to erase the duct tape showing up on your camera is the use of a product called Tear Aid. It’s made in two adhesives, one for PVC plastic and one for all other kinds of plastic from PU, PP, poly-ethylene, etc. It’s clear and it stretches along with the stretch of the coating. We stock it at Pipe Lining Supply.

Let’s get back to your issue of addressing the duct tape visible on your camera. First of all the duct tape – other than looking “not right” – won’t hurt anything to leave it there. Over time, water will wash it away. If you need to remove it to satisfy your customer, a high-speed cable and one of our Renssi sanding devices will remove it. You can attach your camera to the sheath of the high-speed cable, push the sander to the location of the tape and spin the cable. You should be able to remove this in virtually no time at all.

Congratulations to saving a job from a disaster. Problem solvers will always be in demand and you’ve proven you are one of the problem solvers. Great job.

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