Cost Effectiveness

“I pride myself on shopping the “best deals” for my plumbing business. Your systems appear to be more expensive than other systems on the market. Why should I buy yours?”

Let’s look at your question this way. A bicycle will get you from point A to point B, so using your logic sending your techs out on bicycles would be best because it’s cheaper. While it will get you to and from the job it may not be the most efficient or least expensive mode of transportation to conduct day to day business. The same applies here. Buying the cheapest isn’t always the “best deal” for you.

A pliers will work for some things, but there are times you need a pipe wrench. There are so many other things that go along with selecting a method of performing work and as I’m sure you’ve found, you need more than one tool in your tool box to get work done. The same holds true with lining and coating systems.

There are other factors to consider. The converse to your “best deals” scenario is that the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best because it’s the most expensive either. We see folks buying systems over $150,000 that believe they got the best only to find out there are pitfalls to that as well.

When weighing a purchase, you should determine how you will use it, how much revenue you will generate to pay for it, the manpower required, the maintenance required and the impact it will make on your other operations.

Here’s a final thought for your consideration. Over-shopping for the “best deals” can suck up a lot of time that makes you less productive. Here’s the point. A customer who charges for descaling and coating pipe averages selling the jobs at $250 per linear foot.  He decided he was paying too much for the resin he was using and decided to shop suppliers. We were charging him the equivalent of $12 per linear foot to coat 4” pipe. After shopping for alternatives and finally concluding that we had the best price solution, he’d wasted several hours chasing saving pennies while letting dollars fly buy. Had he sold another job, there’s no way it would have equaled any savings even if he found someone who would give him the resin for free.

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