Lining Training

“I bought a competitive system to yours but gave up trying to run it as it’s too complicated to make it work. I like the idea of lining but wonder if your system is easier to run than what I bought?”

One of the major advantages that we at Pipe Lining Supply offer is our staff and the level of training they provide customers. All of us have operated virtually every type of lining system there is out there and while there are obvious advantages to the equipment we offer, we can train you to operate what you have to make it work.

While we’d like to sell you new equipment, you may want to have us train you to use what you’ve already invested in. We have a wide variety of materials that will work with virtually every lining system out there, and in fact find many customers like our materials over the materials provided by their system producer. We’ve revived many tanks, pull in place systems and other systems out of mothballs and made them functional.

Lining is a method that needs some practice to get your team fully functional in knowing what they are doing. We see many suppliers who sell equipment and demonstrates how it works once and out the door they go. This is like giving a student a test drive in a parking lot, collecting a check, and leaving them to enter an Indy 500 race. Odds are a failure is looming.

If you have equipment setting in the corner of your shop and need to get it functioning, contact Pipe Lining Supply at 888-354-6464. You can also email us at

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