Coating Do’s and Don’ts

“I bought your Quik-Coating equipment a year ago and everything was working great until this past week. I applied 6 layers of resin and 2 days later I got a call that the sewer line was plugged. I returned to the job and stuck my camera into the pipe. What looked perfect when I left was sloughing off the pipe and accumulating in the pipe plugging it. Did I get a bad batch of resin?”

First of all, I’m sorry you had this problem.  Let’s review the best practices and see if we can determine the issue.

  • Before coating, did you follow the protocol of pumping a small quantity of the two resin parts into a cup and mix it to see that it set in 10 to 30 seconds and fully cured after 5 minutes? This step ensures that you have equal flow from the 1:1 resin mix the pumps provide. If the mixed resin doesn’t fall into those parameters, then you are not getting an equal 1:1 mix of resin. If the mixing ratio is off mixing, in other words not flowing equally volume-wise, the off-ratio mix will fail prematurely. You may not observe this off-mix ratio via video inspection until it leaves the surface it was applied to. Common causes of the off-mix ratio include partially plugged pumps, hoses, airlocks in the resin feeds, running out of one component or the other during application, and defects in the resin formulation provided.
  • The second test to perform after applying each coat is to time precisely the 5 minutes between the end of the run and when the material is no longer sticky to the touch. If the materials are still sticky after exactly 5 minutes the mix is not correct and you haven’t applied a 1:1 mix to the surface.
  • A final check is to test the mix at the end. Pump the two components into a cup after you’ve completed the final coat and mix with a stick. If it sets in 10 to 30 seconds and cures fully in 5 minutes, you can rest assured that the resin was mixed as planned. If, however, it does not fall into those parameters, then you need to revisit your work and make the adjustments to get a good mix and coating of the pipe surface.

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