New Career Paths Caused by Pandemic

“I’m at my wits end because of this pandemic.  It’s killing any business for the company I work for and I’m afraid of losing my job. I used to be a plumber’s helper years ago and am wondering if that market is any good or just as bad as the one I’m in?” Bill

Bill, I don’t know what business your employed in, but the plumbing and drain cleaning business is busy and looking for people who want to work. There are a lot of new and exciting technologies out there and the marketplace is embracing them. Here are a few innovations that have enjoyed a big market expansion:

  • High-speed drain cleaning equipment is revolutionizing the drain cleaning industry. This innovation allows minimal training to operate the drain cleaning equipment, is much more rapid than conventional cleaning equipment.  Also, by adding a simple camera device it can aid the operator is finding those areas that need cleaning while not wasting time on areas that don’t need cleaning. This process takes hours of cleaning down to minutes instead.
  • As far as sewer line restoration of the drain-pipe from the building to the sewer mains, smaller equipment is available to build a new pipe inside the old one using the old one as a form. While the CIPP rehabilitation process has been around for several years, the old equipment was heavy, took a big box truck or large trailer to transport and a large crew to operate. The new equipment fits inside a conventional service van and is capable of being carried by a single person up and down stairs and into confined spaces delivering much longer runs of pipe than the old equipment could.
  • Finally, a process that is simple to use has been introduced to the market to rehabilitate drain, waste and vent piping. It’s light weight, operable by a single operator, and serves as both a high-speed cleaning device for the pipe preparation as well as a delivery system for the rehabilitation process. This method employs a polyurea resin modified for use in sewers to be applied to a cleaned pipe. The resin sets in 10 to 30 seconds and cures in 5 minutes. It’s then applied in layers and doesn’t require reopening of branch lines as CIPP lining requires.

While it is often difficult to leave behind a career path that doesn’t work anymore, the demand for drain cleaning technicians and plumbing people is increasing. I’m sure there are other industries flourishing during the pandemic beside these but I’m familiar with these and am passing on what I know is driving the market. Good luck on finding a new path to follow that makes you happy.

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