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“Where can I find information about how your coating system works? You should post it on a website so it’s easy to find.”

This query came to us years ago and we responded with a very comprehensive website to provide you with the information you need to transfer knowledge to your customers. I’d like to take some time today to guide you through some of the resources you can use on our website. Let’s open up our webpage at

  • The first item that may make life easier is the LANGUAGE you’d like to view the site in. On the far right-hand side, you can see the box with the default “English” language. There is a choice of 10 of the most popular languages listed on the dropdown. You can choose one of the languages you understand that will help you navigate the site easier.
  • The HOME PAGE you’ve landed on tells you a little about Pipe Lining Supply that provides an overview of the things we offer for CIPP lining, AIPPR coating, drain cleaning, camera inspections, custom trailer and cargo vans, training, and tips and blogs posted periodically helping you understand a problem and solution applicable to your work.
  • Sliding across the page headings to the right you can highlight ABOUT. You will see a dropdown menu of Financing options, regional locations, a company catalog you can download or view online, company videos showing processes and tips to successful operation and completion of installations, and lastly our “blog” section with the archives of all past tips and blogs we’ve published. The video link will start YouTube videos for those you select to view. For example, if you want to show a customer how pipe coating works, click on the coating video:
  • Sliding your cursor farther right will bring you to PIPE COATING (AIPPR) again with dropdowns describing the process, approvals, cleaning processes, and calculators to determine the resin needed for each pipe size and length.
  • Next is MATERIALS & RESIN. This tab describes all of the liner materials we produce from the most popular liner, SCRIM to specialty liners for turns, bends, and transitional sizes. We supply all resins approved for CIPP lining and AIPPR coating processes as well as calculators to determine how much resin you need for the job you are trying to complete. We’ve also included our camera offerings in this section to help you inspect, clean, and supply post job videos of your work.
  • Our CONTACT page gives you information on how to reach us, new customer application, and warranty information. This tab also has our customer information page that contains information regarding best practices, step by step installation instruction, technical datasheets, SDS sheets, sales aids, and credit application.
  • The last tab keeps you apprised of our ROAD TOURS – where and when they will be held and how to reach out to have them stop by your location for specific information and demonstration of our processes.

There you have it. We hope our resources offered on this site helps you do your job better.

If you have any suggestions for improving our site information or adding additional resources you could use, contact us at 1-888-354-6464 or email us at

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