Women Can Perform Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Work as Competently as Men

A while back we published a Myth vs. Fact making the statement that women can and do perform plumbing and drain cleaning work as well as men. The positive responses were overwhelming. However, a few negative comments were received. Sadly, the negative voices reverberate through the industry and deter many women from wanting to explore coming into the business. The purpose of this post is to address two groups here. One group is the women who decide to shy away from the industry and the other group are the people who discourage women from coming into the business.

Let’s talk about the people talking negatively about women entering this industry. Several, both men and women, think this profession is a “mans” job. I’ve heard that you need strength and women just can’t lift and tote the equipment needed for the work. I’ve heard this comment, “What kind of woman would want that kind of work”? Others have said, “What would a woman know about drain cleaning, repairing a leak or changing out a toilet?”

Let me ask this question to the majority of you. Do you have enough labor to handle all the work that you have an opportunity to perform? If so, good for you, but what I hear from the majority of you is that you can’t find enough people to carry out your mission.

When the US military moved from conscription to fill the ranks of people needed to carry out our defense department, they saw the need to recruit women. Today, women have proven themselves just as capable as any man in all kinds of duties. So successfully, in fact, they now are only taking people who can meet their standards as opposed to taking anyone who was breathing as they did when I was drafted into military service many years ago. They found motivating people who wanted to be there was much easier than motivating people who didn’t. Making women feel welcome, providing training, and opening up the opportunities will satisfy your need to fill your employee needs.

I’m convinced women are stronger than their counterparts in that I’m not sure many if any men could survive a pregnancy. Many jobs found in daily household life require a certain amount of dexterity and perseverance and unless you have enough money to hire a nanny or maid, you are tasked with carrying the load. Not much difference in performing plumbing and drain cleaning duties. Sure, you may need help lifting a 200# machine, but then, so do I. I also can attest that cleaning a clogged drain is 100 times more pleasant than changing a dirty diaper. I’ve done both and I’ll take the drain cleaning any time.

The bottom line for you ladies thinking that this is horrible work –  think again. Very few professions will pay you as much as this industry nor give you the opportunities to advance yourselves.

If you want to explore opportunities in this field and don’t know how to begin, contact us at +1-888-354-6464 or email us at info@pipelinngsupply.com and we can get you in touch with customers looking to add staff to their businesses.

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