Why Offer Pipe Rehabilitation?

“I bought a jetter several years ago and it’s the only tool I need to keep sewers flowing. I think that the money these guys charge to line or pipe burst old sewers is just a waste of money. I charge a flat rate of $350 to open a sewer line and run about 10 jobs per day. I make a good living doing it, and my customers save a lot of money over having their sewer lines “rehabilitated”. Why would I ever need to push lining or pipe bursting that costs thousands?”

Certainly, a jetter is a great tool to open a line as well as clean the line. Most of our customers have jetting equipment. Many contractors choose a path they know and follow that path because they understand it and know it, but competition often changes the best laid plans.

If you’ve been serving a customer for years and the ongoing root problem keeps expanding as it does with roots that grow larger and larger over the years, customers begin to think about alternatives to having their roots removed periodically – especially if the frequency is accelerating. Most know how their sewer was originally installed by digging a trench and laying a new sewer line and they dread the thoughts of the mess of redoing that process. They do start looking at costs and begin comparing the cost of fixing the problem to the inconvenience of having you show up more often to clean the line after their sewer backs up into their home.

When a competitor offers a non-invasive method to give them a new sewer without digging up their yard, their ears perk up and they listen. With a new alternative they go through the same process of comparing costs vs. the continuing cycle of sewer backup, cleanup of the mess, then going forward.

If you’ve lost some of your customers to competitors offering this solution to continued sewer backups, eventually you will lose your revenue base and will need to replace it. So, the reason you need to look at and offer alternatives to continued drain cleaning is to maintain your customer base and grow your business.  

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