Scale Build-Up

“I got one of your Renssi high speed cable machines, along with your Quik-Coating unit for coating after cleaning. My problem comes when I use the cable machine – the scale accumulates after I start chain knocking and it plugs the line. How can I overcome this without pulling up the cable machine and inserting a jetter to flush the scale away?”

I’ve observed all sorts of contraptions to adapt flushing the spoils as you chain knock. Water flowing as you chain knock will accomplish a couple of things. It will dampen the dust coming back into the space you’ve entered the pipe while floating the spoils down the drain and out to the main in the street.

Think of it this way. When you use a garbage disposal you run water as you fill the disposal. This ensures that the stuff you put in the disposal continues making its way out of the house and into the collection system. If you keep adding enough spoils into the garbage disposal you will eventually plug the drain and I can bet money that you have received many calls to open a plugged drain line caused by lack of water into the disposer as it was fed garbage. The same thing is happening here. The only difference is that the garbage disposal remains in one place grinding everything coming into the unit while the chain knocker moves through a pipe that remains in place. Either way water moves the scale or garbage on down the line.

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